About Us

Anne taking new cria to Nursery while Dam kisses cria.

We are a family ranch that began our adventure in 2011 with 4 alpacas. We didn't know what we were jumping into then, but we went in head first into the world of alpacas. We studied, took classes, went to alpaca shows and learned all we could. We loved alpacas so much we decided that we needed to "switch lives" and become alpaca ranchers full time. It took us many years to transition from our start on Camano Island in Washington, to our ranches in Montana. 

Nathaniel and Anne have 6 kids that have been involved since they were small, we love raising the kids along side our crazy adventure.  

We have developed an amazing agritourism alpaca experience with our tours and alpaca store. We enjoy adding new products into our store, creating new designs for our gear, and breeding specifically for high quality alpacas. 

Currently we are improving our ranch right outside of Red Lodge Montana in the shadow of the beautiful Beartooth Mountains. 

We love sharing about alpacas and how to get started with an alpaca business. Contact us, we love sharing alpacas and mentoring for success.

We do sell alpacas, please contact us to set up a special visit.

Kids showing alpacas 2023



 Vincent in the youth ring with his alpaca "charmed".