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Alpaca Sock | Fun Outdoor

Alpaca Sock | Fun Outdoor

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This is terry loop inside making it a lofty sock nice for winter. This color palate we created ourselves, and we have made a limited quantity each year. We hope you love our colors!

SOLD out of some variants, thanks for loving these so much! 

Below is our yarn from the ranch. We enjoy blending fibers to make the best possible clothing. Pictured we have alpaca blended with bamboo, silk, or 100% alpaca.

65% Alpaca, Nylon, Spandex, AC

Ranch fiber sort with Renee and my twin sister Christina

All of our alpaca products are handmade, or run on small scale family run mills. Our alpaca fiber is sourced from our ranch in Montana, and other ranches in Peru and Ecuador where our ancestor alpacas were purchased, this supports our makers families and their local economy.

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