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Ladies Zip Vest | Alpaca Blend

Ladies Zip Vest | Alpaca Blend

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My personal favorite vest, perfect for cool weather and even amazing under a coat when the temps really drop! Keeps your core temperature perfect for outdoor adventures, or good hard work. Side Pockets made with high quality zippers.

This vest is my personal choice and you will notice it's the one I wear on the ranch for all my outdoor chores, super durable, washable and my best friend in these Montana seasons!

 Barn Vest, 50% Alpaca, 50% Wool with Sherpa lining. 

Here's our youngest Vincent doing all his own handling showing his alpaca. (OK so maybe a little back-up from Judge Arturo :). This was the show Vincent decided that alpaca ranching is super cool and he wants to run the ranch one day! 

All of our alpaca products are handmade, or run on small scale family run mills. Our alpaca fiber is sourced from our ranch in Montana, and other ranches in Peru and Ecuador where our ancestor alpacas were purchased, this supports our makers families and their local economy.

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