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Montana Inspirations | Bison Herd Knit Scarf

Montana Inspirations | Bison Herd Knit Scarf

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This masterpiece is dedicated to the spirit of the buffalo. This scarf reflects the times when herds once roamed the prairies, wild and free. Engulf yourself with this generous net-Jacquard scarf boasting a panorama of buffalo silhouette under the big Montana sky or enjoy this fully reversible design under a starry night. As majestic as the bison itself, this scarf measures approximately 10.5 x 77 inches and weighs nearly 8 oz.

Main photo for this scarf was taken in front of “Herd Bull” by artist Benji Daniels, located near the Montana State Capitol.

Pictured below is Dana weighing and sorting at our Montana Ranch taking several tons of fiber to her family mill in Helena to make these scarves!


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